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Review of Cult Classic Records Presents on Cult Classic Records by Various Artists

This is a superb album, it has a vibe somewhere between soul, jazz and hip hop. There’s often a lo fi sound, the arrangements are excellent contrasting atmospheric and more upfront elements. There’s an overall chilled vibe with more of an edgy feel with the rapping on some tracks. 

Uppeach and Thomas Prime – NordenVinden

Vocals and pad to open, bass and drumming pattern give a laid back groove. It’s a sparse feel with excellent vocal processing. Layering of background sounds and synths works really well. There’s almost a jazzy feel at times. 

SamuraiGuru and Thomas Prime – Watch’N lol Bill

Excellent atmospheric opening from electric piano and spoken recording, bass and drumming enter to give the song a lo-fi / hip-hop / jazz vibe. It’s a slow groove with looping electric piano riff and ethereal vocals. 

Saib. & Thomas Prime – Sand Castles

Superb jazzy / lo-fi / hip hop vibe from opening shimmery guitar, drumming and bass. Another smooth groove, the vocals are perfectly done. 

Vessel and Prime – These are my Tears

Great contrast between the smooth groove and more upfront rap, it’s a foot tapping song with the rap weaving around the groove.

Anna Morley (Heightened Senses Thomas Prime Remixes)

Atmospheric opening with guitar, electric piano, synth and vocals, it’s a smooth groove with an edge of tension. Really good changes in feel, vocals are subtle but really well balanced. 

KAA DDU & Thomas Prime – Patterns

Atmospheric opening leads into a laid back groove with shimmery trem electric piano riff that adds a great element. There’s a subtle movement to the sound with layered arp, vocals and background sounds. 

ETOAS (deeB & Anonymous Musik) – On the Nature of Things

Edgy opening with evolving pad and piano, they support and underpin the spoken words that are well paced. 

Lancet & Thomas Prime – Kanopie

Laid back guitar and synth to open given momentum by drumming, it’s another lo-fi / hip-hop groove with great layering. Vocals are excellent.  There’s subtle changes in feel and just an edge of tension. 

Thieta & Thomas Prime – No Way in Hell

Vocals and piano to open, the drumming is quite upfront and so are the vocals, a great angst and passion. There’s a kind of lazy triplet feel to the song, a stilted groove. It has a great lo fi vibe. 

KAA & DDU – Never Give Up Feat. NoMads

A subtle opening leads into an upfront hip hop groove. Solid vocals, great passion that contrasts with the atmospheric background vocals. 

Sickmind193 & Thomas Prime – In the Streets

Edgy tension from delayed impact sounds, drumming and bass enter to give a solid momentum. Strings add a great edge of tension. Vocals are excellent, really add to the tension. 

TwoDaystoAlaska & Thomas Prime – Polaris (Shelter)

Very atmospheric opening from synth and spoken words, distorted riff leads into a kind of dubstep / liquid dubstep groove with dreamy vocals and a percussive rhythm. Excellent release in the middle of the song returning to the groove. 

Terrane and Thomas Prime – I’m not Ready

Excellent intro with electric piano, vocals and emerging pad leading into a solid groove. It’s really well layered, quite hard to describe but somewhere between soul, jazz and hip-hop. Excellent changes in feel.