Review of No Hot Ashes – Goose / Skank single

No Hot Ashes on twitter
No Hot Ashes are a four piece band from Manchester comprising of Isaac, Luigi, Jack and Matt and on the basis of this single they are definitely one to watch in 2015. They have got a few gigs lined up including the Stag and Hounds in Bristol on Sat 29th November and the Soup Kitchen, Manchester on 13th December so if you get the chance to see them live I’d definitely check them out, more details can be found on their twitter page.
I only really need one word for this review – outstanding, absolutely bloody brilliant! OK that’s four. No Hot Ashes just have a really cool sound – tight knit, funky, punchy and edgy. The single is excellently produced without being too polished which means their style and edginess really stands out.
The single comprises of two songs and both are available to buy on iTunes and considering they are priced at 79p each, they’re an absolute steal.
Goose This song just has a great sound. The tight drums and bass provide a really solid rhythm, the vocals are excellent and the guitar playing is spot on, great funky riffs. It has really nice changes in rhythm and is one of those songs that you just can’t help sing along to.
Skank Is then an excellent choice to compliment Goose. It has a great feel with a nice edge, having a brilliant funky bassline to open accompanied by great drumming. It also has spot on guitar playing with great riffing and again the vocals are excellent.