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Review of 'High and Vibrate' EP by The Persian Leaps on Land Ski Records

High and Vibrate is the third EP by The Persian Leaps and it is an excellent EP, a solid block of guitar driven indie-rock. There’s excellent riffing with a great variety of tones propelled by solid drumming and bass playing. The vocals are great too, really suit the style of the songs with really good changes in feel and expression.
The EP is released tomorrow (Friday 25th September) on Land Ski Records and if you happen to be in Minnesota there’s also a release show tomorrow at the 331 Club, Minneapolis with Dan Mariska & the Boys Choir and Deleter. Doors at 9:30 pm. Free admission, 21+
The Infection
Great feedback / distorted guitar with solid drumming to open leading into a great riff. The vocals are great, I really like the changes in feel and the energy of the song, it has a great momentum.
Under the Lilacs
This song has a distorted, jangly riff to open propelled by great bass and drumming. The vocals are really good again, adding a touch of angst. I really like the edge of tension to the song which has great riffing with really good changes in tone and feel.
Dottie, Queen of the West
This song is embedded above. I really like the feedback leading into a distorted riff which has great tone and momentum propelled by solid drumming and bass. The vocals are more laid back which works really well, almost pulling back or reigning in the distorted guitar. There’s a great release to the end of the song and it reminds me at times of Paul Westerberg.
A great uptempo riff to open the song, again propelled by solid drumming and bass. Great vocals again too, they kind of release the tension in the verse building again to the distorted riff. I really like how the strummed guitar gives a great contrast to the resulting distorted riff. A great momentum to the song.
A slightly distorted riff with more of a laid back feel, a great groove backed by solid bass and drumming again too. There are some great harmonies and the distorted guitar has great tone and provides a great contrast.
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