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Review of Junior Bill s/t EP

Formed in 2013, Junior Bill have been through a few incarnations, but the writing talents of Rob Nichols have combined with keyboard & synth player Joel Beswick and bassist Rory Saunders since the bands inception. The five-piece is currently completed by drummer Jim Strickland and newest member Luke Owen on vocals, samples and guitar. Junior Bill’s live show has been highly praised for its enthralling energy and has earned them the reputation of being one of the best new acts in Wales.

The self-titled Junior Bill EP has infectious grooves, sax, great vocals and a really tight-knit sound that gives a superb vibe to this EP, it’s a sound somewhere between ska, dub and reggae.

There’s also a great energy to this EP, the arrangements and production are spot on.

There’s a Wolf in Grangetown

Delayed dub effects to open, tight-knit drumming, bass and guitar create an excellent groove. The vocals are superb with a great passion.


Recording of children’s voices to open, vocals and synth build to a wicked groove from bass and guitar propelled by drumming. Superb vocals again, the Sax adds a great element to the song. 

The Butetown Rats

Spoken vocals to open, shimmery guitar chords, drums and bass give momentum. Great change in feel and the organ is excellent, it really adds to the feel. There’s more of an edgy feel to this song.

Old Cardiff Winds

Excellent groove to open, stripped back feel when vocals start before drumming and bass enter to give momentum. Great changes in feel, it has a kind of jam quality with some excellent delayed effects / feedback before returning to the groove. 

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