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Review of Medea EP by Ullapul on Dhatura Records

This is an excellent EP, it’s one of those that the more you listen, the more you hear and the more interpretation you can apply each time.

It has a dark, haunting feel at times with processed vocals, breaths and a baby’s cry which give an excellent eerie feel. There’s great layering of sounds and really clever development of themes.

A slow evolving drone, the strings add an excellent element. A keys type of sound plays a melody that has a great tension against the drone. There are some excellent background sounds and a haunting feel to the song. The baby sounds give a very sinister edge. I really like the evolution and movement in sounds and how the song resolves the different elements.

Background drones move and swirl against piano chords and sustained bass notes.

This song has great drone qualities, there’s a pulsating / looping quality to the sound with some excellent emerging sounds and evolution to an almost white noise.

Nothing But The Past
Looped vocal breaths to open, there’s a similar feel to the keys sound heard on Lolcos, it’s like a reprise. The strings add a great element and there’s a slow release which rounds the EP off really well.

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