Review of 'Pan' album by White Manna on Cardinal Fuzz (CFUL043) and Captcha Records (HBSP-2X-066)

White Manna
To put things simply, this is an absolutely brilliant album. There’s excellent playing and arrangements which create a solid psych sound. There’s great use of feedback and a range of guitar tones from acoustic to distorted and gnarly. The vocals are excellent, heavily processed at times and sometimes more in the background which works really well. The album has a jam feel at times, is hypnotic and kind of like a wave that simultaneously washes over you but also picks you up and carries you along.
It’s available now on Cardinal Fuzz (CFUL043) as a CD edition, black vinyl and splatter vinyl, however, at the time of writing there were only 15 of the splatter vinyls left. They’re available from Cardinal Fuzz online shop
The good news for US readers is that there are copies available from Captcha Records (HBSP-2X-066) available in splatter vinyl, CD and digital download formats. They are available from Captcha Records Website
Pan Feedback to open with, leading into a distorted riff with background feedback / swirling sounds. The drumming gives a real momentum, vocals are laid back and sit back in the mix which works really well. The song has great energy, the background organ really adds to the feel of the song. There are great solos too, the tone is brilliant and the effects create an awesome wave that picks you up and sweeps you along.
Dunes I Distorted phaser / flanger sound to open, the riff propels the song along and drumming again gives a great momentum. The vocals are heavily processed and sit further back in the mix. There are some great harmonies and a great solo, again, like a wave the song washes over you but simultaneously sweeps you along. There’s a release of tension to a chugging riff which builds tension again through vocals and increasing intensity riffing bursting into a solo accompanied by feedback with a really nice release of tension to end the song.
Dunes II Has a much more laid back almost acoustic feel to the opening. The drumming again gives a great momentum backed by a slightly distorted riff. The vocals again are heavily processed and create a laid back vibe with a brooding quality. Tension builds slowly, the shift to a more distorted psych sound is subtle – and brilliant – there’s a great solo leading to a slow release to end the song.
Evil This song is then a return to feedback and high energy riffing and drumming. It’s kind of like rock and roll for the psych age. Vocals are less processed than some other songs but still quite laid back with some good harmonies and changes in feel. A great energy and momentum to the song and a great solo laced with feedback keeps the momentum going.
Beta Travelers Great drumming to open, a sweeping background sound leads to a distorted riff and chords which provide a great momentum. The song has a great uptempo vibe, a chunky distorted riff followed by great vocals again. I really like the use of background sounds and swirling distortion, there’s a great wah solo returning to the riff and vocals again. Tension builds to another solo which releases to more of an acoustic tone to end the song.
Eshra This song has a white noise type of sound to open leading to a subtle pulsating sound, cymbals and sparse riff. Great evolving sound, a really nice acoustic riff too with great use of delay. Drumming enters to give great momentum, increasingly intense riffing builds tension into a great groove with excellent feedback sounds. It has the feel of a jam session – and a bloody good one at that. There’s a great wah solo and it’s a really hypnotic song.
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