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Review of 'Oblique Seasons' album by Deleter on Land Ski Records

Deleter is a Minneapolis post-punk attack team composed of vocalist/guitarist Knol Tate (Askeleton, Killsadie), bassist/vocalist Travis Collins (Spirit Of 76, We Are The Willows), drummer/percussionist Josh McKay (Farewell Continental, Small Towns Burn A Little Slower) and guitarist Jordan Morantez (Blue Green, The King & The Thief).
Oblique Seasons is their debut album and will be released on Monday 07 December 2015. There is also a release show on Friday 04 December 2015 at the Triple Rock Social Club (18+) with Ripper, Murder Shoes and Cherry Cola. More details can be found here.
Oblique Seasons is a great album, it has a solid indie rock guitar vibe with a punk attitude and a more laid back feel at times too. There’s great riffing from really distorted to clean tones propelled by solid drumming and bass playing. The vocals are excellent too, a variety of styles to suit the songs and always with great attitude.
Dysphoria (Dictionary Definition)
A strummed riff leading into a great indie rock vibe propelled by solid drumming and bass, the song has a great energy with really good attitude in the vocals. There’s great riffing too and nice build of tension to end the song.
A great groove to open with, another song with a solid indie vibe. There’s some really good riffing and solo guitar with really good harmonised vocals too.
A Ridiculous Man
There’s a really edgy feel to the song, a hint of surf guitar with some great shimmery chords too.  The vocals are spoken with a real brooding quality.
Militant Idiot
Great riff to open, I really like the effects. Drumming and bass provide a great momentum. The vocal style suits the song really well and there’s great riffing through the song too.
Macy Shot a Cop
I really like the distorted riff to open leading into a really uptempo sound with great attitude in the vocals.  There’s solid drumming and bass and great riffing again.
Worst Person in the World
Another uptempo opening with a strummed riff and great momentum from the bass and drumming again. Great harmonies on the vocals too. The song has a punk vibe at times.
Oblique Seasons

Deleter have recently released a video for the title track and the song continues the album with a similar kind of vibe, great vocals again and the synth adds a great element. The song has great riffing and a nice change of feel to a more urgent feel at times.
Worry Less
Full on opening from uptempo drumming, bass and riffing. There’s great angst in the vocals and the song maintains a great energy.
No Culture
Has a more laid back vibe, great chords and riffing again. I really like the different vocals, they suit the style of the song really well. There’s a nice build of tension in the chorus too.
A great strummed riff to open propelled by solid drumming and bass again. Great riffing and I really like the organ type sound which adds a great element.
Lab Rats Revolt
Uptempo drumming and riffing to open, this is a really high energy song with a great edge of tension. Vocals are excellent again.
You’re Assassinated
Has a more laid back vibe and great riff to open. The song has a kind of brooding quality to the opening with a nice change of feel into the verses. Has a kind of surf guitar feel at times with really good distorted riffing in the chorus which has a great release of tension. The violin adds a great element.
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