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Review of ‘People’ album by The Jackals

Unfortunately this one slipped through the net somewhat, the album was released on 14th September 2015. However, by chance it appears to be good timing because The Jackals have a number of upcoming gigs. You can see them play at a pre-match live showcase at Manchester City Square, The Etihad Stadium, Manchester on Saturday April 23rd 2016 ahead of Manchester City vs Stoke City (in association with Blue Soap Music); At The Phoenix Bar, High Wycombe on May 27th; At Dublin Castle, London on May 29th and At Underworld, London on June 04th.

People is a brilliant album. The Jackals describe their sound as ‘Cosmic Rock and Roll’ and that’s spot on. I love the vibe, it has elements of brit rock, western and some classic rock too such as The Eagles and The Allman Brothers yet The Jackals creates a very individual sound with great grooves and a really positive, calming feel. The Jackals have an excellent tight knit sound, the vocals are superb and the arrangements and production of the songs are excellent too.

People is available as a double vinyl or digital download from The Jackals website or on cassette from Burger Records in the USA.

Eyes Awaken
A great opening track, a brilliantly chilled out vibe with some excellent tremelo guitar chords and really smooth vocals. The arrangement is excellent, the bass and drumming give a solid foundation whilst the lead guitar is subtle and the piano adds an excellent element and there are subtle changes in feel which work really well too.

Raspberry Moon
A picked guitar riff contrasts against a string sound to open, the bass and drumming enters to give the song a great momentum. The vocals are excellent again with some great harmonies, there’s a kind of longing or sadness to them at times.

Call Out Mellowbird
There’s a great vibe to this song, a really laid back groove with a great jangly guitar riff. The vocals are really smooth with excellent harmonies. I really like the way the natural percussion compliments the drumming.

Ghost Soul Traffic
A really nice riff to open with shimmering trem guitar chords, the song has a positive uptempo feel with great vocals again.

Can’t Leave The City
A surf guitar / Western feel to the opening with excellent picked guitar chords and an ominous sounding lead line sets the tone for this song which has an excellent tension, a purposeful feeling of regret with a brief glimpse of hope.

Just to Pass the Pleasant Time
Superb opening with a picked riff and excellent vocals again, drumming and bass enter to give a great momentum. Another uptempo song, I really like the use of the organ and there’s a really nice solo too.

Dancin Round The Nails
An atmospheric opening with a great string sound and picked riff, drumming enters to give a slow groove. Excellent vocals again. I really like the organ sound, sparse use works really well. Nice change of feel in the chorus and I really like the guitar lead line towards the end of the song too.

Two Heads
A great uptempo opening with jangly riff and excellent vocals, the drumming enters to give a great change of feel, the song almost has a chord vamp feel in the verse with the sound opening up in the chorus.

Where The Face of Angels Lay
Another atmospheric opening with some great tremelo chords and a picked riff, the vocals have great harmonies and presence. There’s a great vibe to this song which has a laid back groove and a nice change in feel towards the end too.

Gold Gift From Paris
Great sound effects to open leading into another laid back groove with a drone really good use of delay and reverb on the guitar lead line.

Waiting for the Man with the Sun
Great vocal harmonies and an excellent uptempo riff to open accompanied by piano,the song has a great uptempo groove. There’s an excellent percussion section before the song resumes again, ending with a really nice harmony.

Update: There is a 12th track which was missing from the original review and The Jackals have kindly subsequently sent it to me. It isn’t included on the cassette version but is on both the vinyl and cd versions. The version I’ve reviewed is the CD version by Owen Morris, the vinyl has a slightly different mixdown.

This is a great song to end the album with, it has an excellent vibe. The song opens with very atmospheric sitar and evolves an eastern feel with an indie edge which creates an excellent laid back groove. The vocals are excellent with great harmonies and the guitar riffs are excellent too with just a hint of flanger / phaser which really adds to the sound.

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