Review of 'Perfect Holiday' EP by Los and the Deadlines

Los and the Deadlines
Describing themselves as a blue collar band, Los and the Deadlines came into being when Arizona native and lead vocalist Alex LoSardo moved to London in 2010. After being introduced to guitarist Neils Bakx, the two found common ground in their interests and influences and started composing music while studying for their undergraduate degrees.
After several line up changes and the release of two EPs, the band recruited Italian drummer Alberto Voglino and Israeli bassist Rotem Haguel. Together they embarked on the recording of third EP ‘Perfect Holiday’ which marked a new direction in the band’s musical journey. The EP explores the absurdities of Western civilisation by contrasting the reality of an urban, deprecating society and its oposing depiction in the mass media. This incongruence is described not only through tongue in cheek lyrics but also through music where there is an ever present competition between noise and melody through thrashing riffs and thumping rhythms.
I really like the way that Los and the Deadlines create a really great sound whilst not being bound by any one style in particular. Typically solid, heavy riffing is backed by great drumming and vocals. Los and the Deadlines have an excellent ability to be able to swap between different styles, seemingly at will. This gives the EP an eclectic sound which has great grooves and an excellent vibe. It will be released on 13th July 2015.
Feel at Ease This song opens like it’s going to be totally chaotic but quickly settles in a spoken narrative over drumming and a chugging guitar riff giving great momentum. The song has a brilliant vibe to the chorus, the organ works really well and a great riff returns to the chugging riff and spoken narrative for the verse. There’s a great half-time feel before the final chorus.
It Could Be So Much Better This song has a snare and snarly riff to open. Bass and drumming enter to create a great vibe, vocals have a spoken style. There’s a great funk sound at times, some really nice fills, chunky riffing and changes of feel. There’s a great building of tension to an uptempo ending.
The Youth’s Opinion Great riff and drumming leading to a second riff which creates a great groove. It’s an eclectic song, some great harmonies and change of style / sound. It’s kind of disco-funk-metal. If such a thing exists. Great changes in tone for the riffs and acerbic lyrics to boot.
Batshit Crazy A kind of funk feel to the bass to open the song, there’s a spoken vocal style again. Drumming provides a great backing. It’s quite an apt title, it feels like there’s a time signature change in there too.
We Lust to Shop For Nothing There’s a chunky riff and solid drumming to open leading into a great riff accompanied by spoken vocals. There’s a change to a heavier feel in the chorus which works really well.
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