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Review of Perfect on Paper album by Georgia Fearn

This is a stunning album, the songwriting / songcraft is outstanding. There are some classic influences but the resulting sound is very original and modern. I really like the clever use of instruments like accordion and mandolin that add extra depth. Georgia conveys superb emotion that connects with the listener, some of these songs could easily be tv or film soundtracks.

Opening accordion and bass creates a great groove, spoken intro leads into excellent vocals. There’s a kind of dubstep feel to the percussive rhythm, great layering of sounds and unexpected instruments like a mandolin and strings. A sultry, brooding quality.

Catch Me When You Can
A haunting quality to the opening, sparse guitar and rhythm with excellent vocals that develops a great momentum, nice changes of feel through the song. Great layering again, excellent control with the distorted guitar.

Misty Mae
Love the mandolin and acoustic percussion to open, vocals are excellent again. A superb change of feel to a more uptempo fuzz feel for the chorus and a guitar solo too.

Be Careful What You Wish For
Accordian, spoken vocals and sparse plucked string bass to open creates a brooding quality leading into a more defined rhythm. There’s superb contrasts between the layering and use of different instruments.

Does it Ever Make You Wonder
Strings and piano to open, vocals have a haunting quality. The arrangement is spot on, it’s a stripped back feel but with great emotion and momentum. Percussion and strings add tension.

Sharp Objects
Slowly evolving strummed distorted riff, processed vocals and processed drumming pattern create a growing tension leading into an uptempo groove for the chorus. Great layering and a simmering tension to the song.

Perfect on Paper
A kind of mystery to the string rhythm and guitar opening, spoken intro leads into more defined groove with bass and percussion. Vocals have superb emotion, somewhere between angst and haunted. An excellent flow to the song with changes of feel from despair to a hint of optimism all the time retaining the mysterious feel.

Master of Jazz
Superb jazz groove and laid back feel, vocals suit the style perfectly. The arrangement is spot on, it’s a solid groove with swing and swagger.

Haunting vocals with piano and synth, it’s a very emotional song that’s arranged superbly. Strings add an excellent element.

No Need to Hide
A toy piano sounding riff and gnarly bass to open, drumming gives excellent momentum and a solid groove. Vocals superb again, the chord vamp adds to the tension. Nice changes of feel.

Always Be Yours
A kind of twinkly riff and spoken vocals to open, there’s a more defined momentum from bass and melody, further developed by guitar and piano. Great momentum and subtle changes in feel.

You wouldn’t Do This if You Did
Uptempo drumming and backing vocals to open, there’s an urgency to the groove with a strummed guitar chord vamp with shaker type percussion. Vocals are superb again, creating a tension at times and a more laid back feel at others.

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