Review of 'Reproduction' album by Cantalouper

Cantalouper started when David Bazan helped complete their first EP (Drool) at his home studio, after hearing a tape of four track recordings handed to him at a Pedro the Lion show. Cantalouper’s first full-length album, Mandrakes, was mixed and mastered by Kramer (Low/Galaxie 500). Cantalouper’s second LP, Reproduction, is now available on vinyl and digital.
Cantalouper have a great sound that’s somewhere between grunge, indie and stoner rock. The songs often have a postive or uptempo feel whilst the vocals provide a contrasting angst or simmering tension at times. There’s really good arrangements and playing on this album, the vocals are also great, suiting the style really well. The album has some really good riffing with a good range of tones built on a solid foundation provided by drumming and bass.
Parking Lot
A muted riff to open leading into a jangly chord riff propelled by drumming and bass, the song has a stoner rock / indie / grunge vibe and the vocals suit the style really well.
Distorted riff and synth to open provide great momentum leading to an acoustic chord riff and vocals. The Kick drum gives a great momentum, there’s a really nice building of tension into the chorus. Vocals add a great angst.
Great synth sounds to open, distorted riff gives a great contrast. The song has quite a laid back vibe from drumming and bass. The vocals are similarly laid back with an edge of angst again.
Stuffed Animals
A jangly riff with spoken vocals to open, the song has a great momentum from drumming and bass, the vocals are really good again. The song has great chord riffs and there’s nice vocal layering too.
A slightly distorted riff to open, the song has a kind of lilting feel. It mainly has a spoken vocal style and synth sounds provide a contrasting element.
White Noise
Great atmospheric opening, bass gives a good momentum and distorted guitar adds a nice tension. Vocals are great again with some nice harmonies. Drumming propels the song along nicely.
This song has a more uptempo feel provided by drumming and distorted guitar riff, there’s a nice edge of tension and a brooding quality to the verses raising the tension really well for the chorus.
These Little Deaths
This song has great bass and distorted jangly guitar to open, drumming propels the song along. There’s some really cool riffing and vocals which have some great harmonies. The song has a great edge at times with a great build and release of tension.
This song has a dark lullaby feel to the opening with some great feedback and heavy bass and xylophone too. The vocals are laid back with a great tension and the ending is a little disconcerting.
You Have to Find Your Better Half
A jangly chord riff to open with great drumming and bass, the vocals have a more urgent feel to them. There’s nice changes in feel between the verses and chorus.
All Grown Up
This song has synth to open with a laid back drum groove. The vocals have a more spoken style and there’s a great change in feel with the distorted chord riffing. Some really good harmonies too and great building of tension released at the end of the song.
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