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Review of Shades album by Nathan Moody

A superb feel to this album, it’s atmospheric, dark and edgy with a great contrast between ambient and harsher sounds. There’s huge attention to detail, each sound is superbly crafted and has it’s place; layering and use of effects is spot on to highlight each sound and allow them to evolve. It’s a masterclass in dark ambient, an album that grabs and holds your attention and evokes many different images each time you listen.

The Initiate

A pulsing bassline creates an ominous feel to the opening, a riff adds a contrasting ambience with background sounds adding an excellent element. 

Coming From Within

Atmospheric evolving opening, contrasted against with a metallic / distorted sound that creates an edgy feel with great use of delay. 


A pulsing, metallic opening, superb layering of sounds creates an intricate, detailed soundscape with a superb edge of tension. There’s a kind of call and response feel between the riff and soundscape. 

The Order Collapses

An evolving opening with emerging rumbles and metallic sounds, gnarly distorted bass and layered riff and effects. It’s a dark, edgy sound that moves and evolves, building tension


The sounds are really hard to describe, it’s like the lovechild of a Geiger / Lovecraft unspeakable beast making throaty, growly sounds, having a disembodied voice and creating a metallic rattling / shaking of its body from sudden movements. There’s a brilliant tension to the song. 

The Dose Makes the Poison

Great contrast between deep, gnarly bass and riff, it’s like a distorted string section from a ghostly orchestra. 

The Return of the End

Superb movement in the opening riff, there’s subtle layering that creates a complex soundscape with atmospheric, sound effect and chime type sounds. It’s an edgy, metallic sound. 

The Last Supplicant

Edgy bass to open, a call and response feel with emerging background sound effects creating an intricate and edgy soundscape.