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Review of The Climatronica Collective 5 x 2 EP by Various Artists on Pink Dolphin Records

The idea for this EP was for members of the Climatronica Collective to produce collaborative tracks. There are 5 tracks on the EP featuring collaborations between aNIfaDES and Lemonade Kid; Myself and All Star Motivator; screamershock and Jayber.C; Simon Irvine and All Star Motivator; Jeff Appleton and myself.

The result is an EP that features a superb sound with a great diversity of styles. It’s also available on major digital services from this link.

They Know It (aNIfaDES and Lemonade Kid)
A subtle tension to the opening riff with sparse percussion, a nice change in feel. There’s a laid back groove to the song with a range of synth sounds, excellent glitchy elements and background sounds that are really well processed and layered. The vocals have a similar laid back quality with just an edge of tension at times.

Chasing Time (Andrulian and All Star Motivator)
I’m delighted how this track turned out, it started out as chords, glitchy sound effects and a sparse delayed rhythm that has been given a great momentum from bass, the addition of a synth lead and the excellent vocal samples. All Star Motivator took an idea and added drive, an excellent ambience and hint of tension too.

Rise Up From Your Dust (screamershock and Jayber.C)
I love the reflective qualities of this song, it opens with a delayed piano lead accompanied by a drum pattern that gives a future garage / liquid chill type of feel. Great contrast between the different elements and nice changes in feel between synths and guitar riff. The song achieves that difficult balance of having a laid back feel and ambience yet also having a solid drive and momentum.

By The Sea (Simon Irvine and All Star Motivator)
There’s a brooding quality to this song, the opening riff, bass and drums give a great edge to the sound. There’s also a background sound effect that adds a great element. The vocals suit the style of the song really well, they’re quite dark. The piano adds an excellent contrasting element.

Curiosity (Jeff Appleton and Andrulian)
The idea for this remix was to take the stems that Jeff provided and mangle them with a variety of effects – SpecOps (Unfiltered Audio); Cryogen, Cataract (Glitchmachines); Physion, H3000 Factory, Blackhole, Octavox (Eventide) and layer the results to produce an atmospheric, glitchy type of sound. Think haunted memories of a fairground.