Review of ‘We Can Go Down But We’ll Take A World With Us (Four Evenings in the Fuhrerbunker’ by Deadlights on Econ Records (ECON008)

This is a highly emotive subject and not always an easy listen. That said, it’s done in a very clever way which is very difficult to achieve where you are left to put your own interpretation to the songs. There’s a cinematic soundscape feel at times and some excellent synth sounds and riffs. Often parts of a documentary set the scene and tell the story in the songs.

The 12th Has Failed
Opening with drone and background sounds, voices from a documentary set the scene. An arp and processed vocal snippets are given momentum by a percussive rhythm and bassline. There’s a great flow to the song, further spoken parts are layered with what sounds like conversation in the bunker accompanied by some excellent synth and background sounds.

The Walther and the Vial
Ominous sounding synth and vocals to open with layered background sounds, there’s a subtle movement in the sound leading into more spoken documentary followed by a cinematic soundscape type of sound with vocals and strings.

Prussic Berceuse
Not the easiest song to listen to but it’s done extremely well. The documentary speech sets the scene and tells the story against a swirling drone and strings. This leads into an uptempo drumming pattern, layered synth and arp. It’s very reflective with cinematic qualities.

The documentary sets the scene against strings and a drone. The percussive rhythm has a mechanical feel to it. This leads into a clock chime type of sound which in turn leads into an ominous sounding synth with piano and a choir type of sound. This also has a cinematic feel, building tension to a final release.

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