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Review of ‘Sun’ album by Dreamtime on Cardinal Fuzz / Captcha Records


Simply put, this is stunning. It’s an awesome album which has such a cool vibe with a really hypnotic sound. Each song is arranged and played brilliantly with a result that the song is much greater than the sum of its parts. The songs have an excellent jam quality, a spontaneous feel to them often with a great intensity, floaty vocals, swirling background sounds and Eastern, classical and blues influences.

It was released by Cardinal Fuzz as a limited yellow/purple swirl vinyl in March 2016 so there’s no surprises that it has sold out.

For customers in the USA it is available from Captcha Records on purple swirl vinyl and handmade CD.

The good news for everyone is that a digital download is available from the Captcha Records link above.

Centre of Mind
A sweeping drone type of sound to open, the bass gives a great momentum. The vocals are great with an excellent contrasting female choral sound swirling with a floaty quality and the guitar riff gives a looping feel.

The opening is quite difficult to define, it sounds like delayed percussive sounds with feedback, maybe even a mangled recording of water too, there’s a Japanese feel and some overtone singing for good measure followed by the growl of distorted guitar which creates a great tension. The vocals are great, like a prayer or incantation and there’s a real ominous feel which bursts into a jam session with excellent bass / drumming and great distorted solo with increasing momentum to a release.

The Road
A really cool vibe to this song which opens with an organ sound as a drone with great movement, the bassline creates an excellent groove complimented by the guitar riff. The vocals are superb, a dreamy, floaty feel which contrasts really well against the rhythm. The solo is spot on, it has a bluesy feel at times.

Quite a laid back vibe to this song with natural percussion, synth riff and slightly distorted guitar riff.

A slow purposeful bass riff to open with shimmery guitar chords and riff with a surf guitar kind of feel. The female vocals have a great presence and slightly haunting beauty, there are excellent harmonies with the male vocals at times. The song builds momentum slowly increasing tempo with increasing intensity in the vocals to a release. The distorted riff and drumming pick up the pace into a solo section with great intensity with a brief respite before picking up the pace again before a final release.

A great riff with reversed sounds to open, there’s a classical kind of feel to the guitar accompanied by sparse percussion leading into a more uptempo riff with a middle eastern feel at times and a lonesome feel to end.

Art of Invisibility
A great evolving opening with swirling background sounds and shimmering guitar riffs, percussion is sparse and there’s an Eastern feel at times. There’s a real hypnotic quality leading to a great jam. The vocals are excellent and have a unearthly feel to them. A great build of tension is released to the squelchy riff which fades, replaced by evolving, swirling and some reversed sounds to provide a great contrast and a hypnotic end to the track.

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