Review of The Mysterious ProjektX Album on Factory Fast Records #ProjektX

The Mysterious ProjektX

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#ProjektX is the first of three in this series that has a cool back story about Evil Professor Y’s mass weapon “Germiston” and Secret Agent Z trying to save the world, but who cares about that? This is just a really cool indie rock LP. It is available from Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and GooglePlay and many other online outlets too.
The Mysterious ProjektX is a really great album. It features 7 artists, each of which have their own sound and style, highlighting an excellent variety of indie sounds including bluesy, trip-hop, driving rock, metal and synth pop. The songs are all really well produced – all in all another cracking release from Factory Fast!

01 The Poulsons – ‘Germiston’ This song is a great fusion of synth pop and rock and has a real driving indie sound. The heavily effected vocals work really well. The song has a great solo and is well layered with a really nice contrast between some of the uptempo and more laid back parts.

02 Creeping Volt Club – ‘Time Bandit’ This song has a trip hop type of beat with scratching and a background distorted riff to open with and a great dub type echo on the vocals which have a dreamy quality to them. The song also has some great synth and piano sounds. It has an excellent laid back vibe with great layering of sounds and some great sound effects too.

03 Wild Horse – ‘Get Me Going’ This song has a great opening blues riff and a great blues vibe complimented by the more indie sounding vocals. Great guitar playing with great tones for the riffs and solo, the bass and drumming provide a solid foundation.

04 The Magickal – ‘The Ticket’ Kick drum opens the track accompanied by a great bassline. The song has great layering of percussion sounds, electronic drums and great effects. It has a kind of Synthpop feel, the vocals are really alluring giving the song a great darker edge at times.

05 The Statements – ‘Bad Cilla’ This song has a driving rock sound with really nice changes of feel. It has great riffing with a great wah solo and is backed by solid drumming and bassline. The vocals give the song a great edge.

06 Logain – ‘Motorcycle Man’ There is a great driving heavy rock / metal feel to the song. It has great riffing and solid drumming which propels the song along. Great attitude in the vocals and a great solo too.

07 The Windsor Project – ‘This Is Where We Say Goodbye’ Great opening lead line accompanied by a heavily distorted riff combined with excellent drumming really propels the song along. The vocals are great and there’s an awesome guitar solo too.

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