Review of Garage Batz / DownFall – The Split LP on Factory Fast Records

Garage Batz / DownFall The Split LP
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The Split LP features 7 tracks in total, 4 from The Garage Batz and 3 from DownFall. It is available from Amazon (and many other online outlets too) next month but is available to pre-order now from Factory Fast Records.
The Split LP features 2 bands that compliment each other really well. DownFall are an up and coming UK based band whilst The Garage Batz are NYC rock veterans. The LP pulls no punches, it is hard rocking with a great intensity from gnarly distorted tones which produce intense riffing and great soloing, there are excellent vocals too.

Shadows – The Garage Batz This is an excellent opening song, a great distorted riff to open which is propelled along by a solid rhythm of bass and drums. The vocals add a real intensity and drive, there are some great solos and a nice release of tension before building to a final release.

Raw – DownFall A great driving riff propelled by solid rhythm and drums. The vocals suit the style of the song really well. Again there are great solos and an excellent energy and momentum to the song.

La La Land – The Garage Batz Opens with a great distorted riff leading to a chord and bass vamp. The song has quite a grunge feel at times and the vocals are a bit more subdued which works really well. The song has a catchy chorus then drops an intense solo which is a great contrast before returning to the grunge vibe.

No Tomorrow – DownFall There’s a different feel to this song, acoustic guitar opening with vocals leading into distorted guitar accompaniment. The drumming is again excellent, the song has a great intensity provided by the vocals and some great soloing.

Holy Spirit – The Garage Batz Great distorted chords leading to a riff which has real momentum. The drumming is really tight and propels the song along aided by intense vocals. There is a really nice build and release of tension.

Another Day – The Garage Batz A great gnarly opening riff, really great distorted tone leading to a solo. The vocals suit the style of the song really well, a bit spoken but with real intensity. The song has really effective changes in feel / tempo.

Sleaze – DownFall Really great bassline to open the song followed by a distorted lead line and intense riffing which creates a great tension. The song maintains an excellent drive with some great solos and nice changes in momentum too.