Review of The Persian Leaps – Drive Drive Delay EP

The Persian Leaps - Drive Drive Delay
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Drive Drive Delay is the follow up to 2013’s ‘Praise Elephants’ EP. It will be released in the UK by Land Ski Records in January 2015.
And it’s a very impressive release. The Persian Leaps describe themselves as noise pop / indie rock and whilst they do have a jangly indie guitar type of sound, those sort of descriptions don’t really do any justice. That’s because The Persian Leaps have evolved a more mature, edgier sound that has jangly guitar riffs but with a great distorted tone, backed by solid rhythm and great harmonies which give great drive and momentum. This is masterfully controlled, like you’re propelled along about to be launched off a cliff but then pulled back just in time.
Fire Starter Brilliant opening song, great vocals and distorted guitar riff. The drums then enter and give the song a great drive and the tempo picks up being reined in just a little for the verse and then lets loose again for the chorus. The song has a really nice solo which suits the style of the song really well.
Pretty Boy Great distorted riff to open the song backed up by solid drums and bass. There’s a great energy to the song and a nice tension provided by the vocals. Again, another really well executed solo.
(Goodbye to) South Carolina Another great opening riff and solid rhythm to provide a great momentum through the song. There’s a really nice lead line and the vocals create a nice edge.
Truth = Consequences Nice use of feedback to open the song leading into another great riff, vocals are spot on again and have a laid back sort of feel in this song which is underpinned by solid drumming and bass. The song maintains drive throughout with another great solo.
Permission This song also has nice use of feedback to open the song leading into a another great riff, but with more of a laid back feel than the other tracks. Vocals again are great and the song has a brilliant vibe, a sort of shimmering, expansive quality.

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