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Review of West Pier EP by Dark Train

This EP has a great atmosphere and vibe. I really like how it blends different styles together really well. There’s hints of industrial, glitch, synthwave, dark wave and liquid dubstep at times too. The synth, drum sounds and vocals are excellent with some really good processing and layering of vocals.
Emotion Sickness
I really like the glitchy sounding opening riff, the industrial sounding drumming pattern gives a great momentum. The vocals are processed and layered really well, very atmospheric. There’s quite an edgy feel to the song which has a great bass sound and nice arp too.
All The Good in Me
Excellent drumming pattern, bass and swirling background sounds to open, the vocals are excellent again. The song has a great dark, edgy feel with a really good release and rebuilding of tension.
Great synth sound to open, vocals have a really good ethereal feel. The drum pattern has a great industrial feel to it and gives a great momentum. There’s excellent changes of feel too.
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