Verma – Sunrunner LP Review

Trouble in Mind website; Verma on twitter
Sunrunner is out now on Trouble in Mind (TIM071) and is available on vinyl with digital download, cd and digital download. It is available on black vinyl (with a download code) from Trouble in Mind and CD / Digital from most online sellers.
Verma have produced a great album in Sunrunner. There’s a great variety of sounds and grooves with great use of feedback and effects on the vocals which give them an almost disembodied feel. Listening to the album you find yourself sometimes being propelled along, sometimes swept along and other times entranced which is testament to the craft and musicianship provided by this album, particularly the bass and drums which are very tightly knit and provide a very solid foundation for every track.
Regolith opens the album with a crescendo of feedback / effects leading into a great riff backed up with a driving beat. The vocals have an ethereal almost disembodied feel to them. There is a great energy to this track which seamlessly blends into the next track, Chrome.

Chrome keeps the momentum going again starting with some great feedback / effects and driving beat. In some ways this track has an urgency about it whilst the vocals again have a disembodied feel to them. This is a track that really propels you along until the tension / urgency is released at the end of the track.

Eratu then provides a brilliant contrast with a much more laid back feel to it, there is a great swirling combination of synth and effects which creates a space type of atmosphere on this instrumental track.

The Traveller then picks up the tempo with driving bass and drums. There are great effects and vocals which sit very nicely as the vocals are more upfront on this track.

Hologrammer starts with a more mellow opening than some of the other tracks but still has a driving groove with great overdriven guitar tones.

Sacrifice opens with a great riff creating a nice groove against a drone. The vocals are very ethereal on this track. The feedback and effects give it a real edginess.

Sunrunner opens with quite a laid back feel, developing another great groove with great vocals. A great song to round of the album.

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