Review of JuJu s/t album on Sunrise Ocean Bender

It’s quite hard to pin down a particular style for this album and to be honest to try and do so would miss the point. It’s a superb album with an excellent sound that contains elements of psych and shoegaze at times with each song excellently arranged with great contrast and tension at times between laid back vocals, riffs, more uptempo parts and distorted riffs.
The bass and drumming provide a rock solid backing and great momentum with the vocals having excellent harmonies and a great floaty feel, often through processing and sitting low in the mix giving a distant almost haunting feel at times.
It’s available from Sunrise Ocean Bender on vinyl (only 11 left at the time of writing) and digital download.
This song has a brooding quality from the opening riff, bass and drumming with the vocals having a great ethereal feel. There’s a nice change in feel at times with a more distorted riff and subtle background sounds.
We Spit on Yer Grave
An uptempo opening from bassline, drumming and synth riff, the vocals have that great ethereal feel again and their laid back feel gives a great contrast. I really like how the distorted riffs add tension to the song.
Stars and Sea
An urgent feel from the drumming contrasts with a more laid back riff and vocals which have a floaty feeling. The song has a chilled feel with an edge of tension from layered background elements which builds gradually with a great change to an uptempo feel with a distorted guitar riff and faster drumming. I really like the subtle background organ riff and vocal processing.
Dance With The Fish
An excellent piano riff to open, there’s great layering of background sounds and a distorted voice (like a station announcement) adds a great element. The song has quite a solemn feel, the strings add a cinematic quality.
Sunrise Ocean
A driving rhythm from bass and guitar riff is given great momentum from drumming. Vocals have an ethereal / disembodied feel, great processing with an edge of distortion at times. Distorted guitar riffs add a great element.
A piano riff to open which has an upbeat feel. Distorted guitar adds a great contrast and drumming and bass give a solid momentum. Layered vocals are excellent and string synth sound adds a great element. The introduction of a looping guitar riff builds tension slowly with a release at the end of the song.
Bring ‘Em War
Opening with a purposeful bassline, there’s some great background sounds and excellent harmonised vocals. Slightly distorted guitar riff replaces the bassline with drumming entering to give a great momentum. Great contrast between the more urgent riffing and laid back vocals.
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