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Review of Antenna album by Tomotsugu Nakamura on Audiobulb Records

This is an excellent album, it’s quite hard to describe being somewhere between minimal, ambient and drone. 

Tomotsugu uses a variety of sound sources which have been glitched and looped but what makes this so good is the nature of glitching and looping which creates intricate and complex melodic and rhythmic tracks and often the glitch artifacts provide rhythmic elements. This is the central theme and each track is a variation on this theme using different sound sources.


Glitched guitar, synth and metallic sound create a ambient rhythmic melody with a looped, glitched quality.



A rhythmic, jumpy loop which also provides a melody, it’s minimal and really well layered. 



A melodic loop with an arp quality, glitches provide a percussive element. 


Seagulls Circling

Layered Piano loops give a soothing ambience accompanied by subtle glitches providing a rhythmic element. 



A bell / chime loop with drone elements and a nice touch of almost reversed glitch. 



A short track with a glitchy, rhythmic percussive feel.



Layered synth and beeps create a rhythmic, glitchy, melodic loop.



This continues in a similar vein to Scutum, it’s a similar rhythmic, glitchy sound with just an edge of tension.



A jazzy looping vibe with a strong glitch aesthetic.


Trace Again

Reversed glitched synth creates a really intricate melodic and rhythmic looping track.



An ambient / lo-fi looping drone kind of vibe. It has a laid back, subtle glitchy track.



A minimal, melodic ambient loop with glitched elements.

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