Review of Aural Palate Cleaning Exercises album by Milo's Planes

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Formed in Bristol in 2013, melodic hardcore/punk band Milo’s Planes began as a duo of Joe Sherrin (guitar, vocals and bass) and Harry Sherrin (drums and backing vocals). After recording their first album they were joined by Charlie Horne (bass and backing vocals) who was a natural fit, sharing a love of Wire, Fugazi, Leatherface, Lync, Rites of Spring, early Modest Mouse and Pavement. Priding themselves on their DIY approach to their music, the trio record and produce all their tracks themselves on a sixteen track in Harry’s bedroom.
This is a really high energy, high tempo release from Milo’s Planes who have a great chemistry, producing an album with a great full on punk / grunge / garage band sound although this album also contains some more mellow contrasting aspects too. It has very heavily distorted guitars, vocals with attitude and great drumming to propel the songs along resulting in a really solid release. It is available from the Bandcamp link above or Milo’s Planes website.
01 – Two Feet in a Crowd This song has a great intro from what sounds like a feature on a radio show. It has really uptempo riffing and has great momentum and energy.
02 – Something Else This song has high tempo distorted riffing to open, releasing to a slower tempo before picking up the pace with a really heavily distorted riff.
03 – Never Know There is a delayed pick scrape intro leading to heavily distorted high tempo riff and full on vocals. The song has a nice contrast against the riffing section.
04 – Sinking Another heavily distorted riff to open, good contrasts against slower sections. The song has intense vocals and good momentum too.
05 – Lost Talent This song has great momentum and a catchy riff to propel the song along.
06 – Tracing Paper This song is slightly slower and has a more mellow style to open, there is still great energy in the vocals. A really nice acoustic part to the song too before building the tension again.
07 – Only Listen This song has a great distorted riff, a slower vocal style and really nice contrasting less distorted sections too.
08 – Interlude 1 This song has a very different sound, with a piano riff and distortion / feedback. It sounds like it uses the radio sample again too.
09 – Thousand Times A great riff to open, the song has an uptempo feel with a half time feel at times and a great contrast against less distorted more jangly riffing. Great uptempo ending.
10 – People’s Houses A great riff to open, the song has a more spoken vocal style with great attitude in the vocals.
11 – A Tragedy’s Perfect Surface This song has a slightly jangly opening riff leading to a more heavily distorted riff and uptempo feel. There’s a great half time feel change in the middle before raising the tempo to a release at the ending with feedback.
12 – Whilst It’s Precise This song has more of an acoustic opening riff followed by feedback into a great distorted riff and nice change of feel / tempo. There’s a great energy and momentum to the song.
13 – Other Attributes A great slightly distorted riff to open the song which is propelled by solid drumming leading into a more high tempo feel, there’s great feedback and riffing.
14 – A Letter in Confidence This song has an acoustic riff to open, much softer vocals leading into distorted riffing and more uptempo feel which finishes with some great feedback before returning to the acoustic feel.
15 – Interlude 2 This song has piano playing and harmonised vocals and great harmonica playing too.