Review of ‘Ghost in the Polaroids’ album by Jubilee Club on Ramber Records

It’s really difficult to pin down the sound of this EP, it’s got future garage, dubstep, electronic and indie influences blended into Jubilee Club’s own unique sound. The EP is really well arranged and produced with excellent synth and guitar sounds and superb vocals.

Ghost in the Polaroids
Delayed panned percussive sounds, strings and bell / chime riff to open create an atmospheric opening. The vocals enter to set the scene and the bass gives a good momentum. The processed vocal snippets add an excellent element. The drumming / percussive pattern is processed with distortion / bit crush which adds a great edge.

Atmospheric opening from pad, background conversation and electric piano chords. The vocals have a great presence and add an edge of tension. The drumming pattern enters with a bell / chime riff and give a solid momentum. Nice change of feel when the kick and bass enter. There’s a great ambience to the synth riff.

Another atmospheric opening with background sounds, shaker type sound, electric piano and guitar riff. Superb vocals again, a great angst to them. The opening has a pensive quality given a defined momentum when the drumming pattern enters. Great contrast between the laid back and more uptempo elements.

Move Over
Distorted, delayed percussion with emerging strings to open, the vocals aren’t as upfront as other songs, sitting quieter in the mix and having a more ethereal feel. A great contrast between the drive of the kick and more laid back atmospheric elements. The vocals take a more spoken style and are more upfront with a great presence.

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