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Review of 'Belltek' EP by Teslacoil321

Teslacoil 321 is another side of Microvolt.
This is an excellent release, the sounds have been carefully crafted and chosen and layered to excellent effect. The production is great, really good changes in feel and sound without being overdone so it retains a sound that’s not too polished and still has an edge.
The sound is hard to pin down, it’s 80s at times, rave and industrial at others. It’s a bit edgy but always with a great momentum. What’s amazing is that it’s really hypnotic at times, so much so that you don’t so much listen as become a part of it – or it becomes a part of you.
I really like the strings intro which leads into a complex percussive rhythm. The song has really good layering of sounds, there’s a great interplay between the rhythm and synth sounds. The song builds really well, there’s some great metallic hit type sounds and some excellent rave sound effects for want of a better term. There’s a great change in feel to a more uptempo sound with a final release.
Peach tree (Upriver Mix)
A great electric piano riff to open leading into a driving kick rhythm with bass. There’s a nice change in feel with the synth and percussive rhythm accompanying the kick. The arp gives a great momentum and there’s a great contrast between the uptempo rhythm and more laid back electric piano. The song has great changes in feel throughout, rhythmically and percussively, there are some great sounds and excellent layering and a nice edge of tension too.
Intra peak (Headsplinter mix)
A great rhythmic opening leading into a delayed riff. The percussive rhythm gives a kind of urgency. The song is hypnotic, I found that the synth sound kind of grows and swells like it’s alive. I didn’t so much listen to as as feel it, could see it almost. The song has a great edgy industrial feel at times too.
I die you die
A great bass and synth riff to open, the percussive rhythm is again complex and really well layered. The vocals are superb, they are processed really well at times with a real ethereal presence and the panning means you don’t so much hear them as feel them too. There’s a great energy to the song.
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