Review of Damaged Good by Bettie Serveert on Schoolkids Records

Dutch indie legends Bettie Serveert have released their 11th studio album, Damaged Good. It was released by North Carolina based indie retail store and label Schoolkids Records as an exclusive limited-edition vinyl title, timed to sync with the Tenth Annual Record Store Day event held on April 22nd, 2017.

This limited edition exclusive transparent magenta Vinyl LP (with beautiful gatefold packaging) also includes a digital download and full CD. This is the only version of the LP or CD available in North America, and apparently the only Dutch release to be approved by the USA Record Store Day commission on Schoolkids Records.

There’s an excellent sound to this album, great grooves and a range of clean and distorted guitars in songs ranging from 60 seconds to 8 minutes. The songs often have a change in feel which creates a great tension or movement in the sound. The vocals are superb, they have an angst, a brooding quality at times.

A distorted riff and uptempo drumming to open leads into a more acoustic feel with strummed chords and kick drum. A great change of feel into the chorus. The vocals are excellent.

A song comprised of an acoustic strummed guitar with distorted lead and lovely vocals.

Brother (in loins)
Riff and drumming to open creates a great tension leading into a more uptempo feel. There are nice changes in feel and a solo too.

Damaged Good
Distorted guitar to open leading into a chord vamp feel with vocals and distorted riffing. It’s a great groove with a change to a more open sound which gives great changes in feel.

Whatever Happens
This song opens with an acoustic riff with vocals and a great change to a distorted sound propelled by drumming. It’s quite a sad feel to the acoustic parts with a positive feel to the distorted parts which creates a great contrast.

Uptempo drumming to open with a funky riff and distorted guitar. Excellent vocals again, nice change to a more uptempo feel in the chorus.

Digital Sin (Nr 7)
Excellent drumming with distorted delayed guitar creates a kind of brooding feel. The vocals are spoken with some excellent distorted guitar. A great build and release of tension to a section with vocals and a surf guitar type riff building tension into a heavy distorted riff.

Mouth of Age
This is a very short song comprising of a picked riff and vocals.

Love Sick (feat Peter Te Bos)
A superb opening groove from distorted guitar, drumming and bass. The vocals have a great passion. It’s a high tempo song with nice releases of tension. The male vocals add a contrast and great harmonies too.

Mrs K
A chord vamp, bass and solo guitar lead into a section with vocals, drumming and bass which has a lonesome feel. The strummed shimmery guitar compliments this really well. There’s a great change in feel and build / release of tension.

Never Be Over (feat. Prof Nomad & Co)
Lovely opening from vocals and acoustic guitar, strings and piano compliment these really well. An almost jazz feel at times with a film score sort of feel.

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