Review of Dreifalt Album by Dreifalt

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Dreifalt is a series of 10 singles, each of which builds on the former. Dreifalt built a studio environment as a starting point in which the first track, “EINS A”, was created. After this the finished track was saved a second time, as “EINS B” and then modified and saved as “ZWEI A”. The process went on like this until “ZEHN B” which marks the ending point at which everything Dreifalt wanted to say was said. Dreifalt is an alter ego of Martin K, aka 3dTorus.
To put it simply, Dreifalt is an outstanding album. It has been excellently crafted with great attention to detail over the individual sounds, layering and production. It’s described as ‘harsh dreams in techno’ and whilst it is a techno album, it also has elements of dub, ambient and the cinematic at times which might sound contradictory but it blends different styles brilliantly whilst retaining a focus on the developing themes. The approach to produce two versions of each song is also a great idea, sometimes giving a great contrast and other times exploring similar ideas and themes. At times it is mesmerising and it is a captivating listen.
Eins A Has a great atmosphere to open, a kind of cinematic dark ambience from great swirling sounds and reverb. It has quite a sparse feel, building gradually with the occasional hint of a more defined beat which evolves later in the song.
Eins B Continues with a similar theme but uses a more defined and urgent beat which evolves into more of a defined techno sound and provides a great contrast.
Zwei A Develops a great ambience and has excellent layering of percussive sounds. Again quite a sparse feel building a great groove.
Zwei B Has a different feel, again quite sparse but with a great background drone type of sound with great use of delay as the kick gradually increases in volume as other percussive elements are layered to create rhythms which create a tension against the other sounds resolved into a more defined rhythm.
Drei A Is propelled by a kick drum and has a synth sound with great reverb. A very solid rhythm follows against the repeating synth riff. Brilliant subtle use of delay. The song evolves into more of a tribal type of sound and has great layering and excellent production.
Drei B This version has a similar feel but uses more of an open synth sound which creates more of an expansive feel.
Vier A There is a strong kick drum to open the song against edgy background swirling sounds. It has a great dark feel to the song and great layering of the drone against the bassline. Evolves an industrial kind of feel.
Vier B Although this version has a similar approach, it kind of does the opposite to the first version, starting with quite a harsh industrial sound evolving into a more organic sounding groove.
Funf A The song opens with great swirling sounds against an ominous sounding bass. The rhythm evolves gradually with great layering of percussive sounds. The song has an excellent mesmeric sound.
Funf B This version has a different feel with a driving kick and great synth sound. There is also great use of delay and really nice evolution of the synth riff and rhythm.
Sechs A The song has a great ambience to open with which works really well against the kick creating a great tension. Great evolution of the rhythm, again a really mesmerising sound.
Sechs B This version is then a great continuation with many similar themes but a different feel.
Sieben A The song has a great atmospheric opening, the rhythm builds gradually with really nice changes in feel. There is great layering of sounds again.
Sieben B This version has a similar atmosphere and great layering also but uses different percussive sounds and rhythms to create a different feel.
Acht A The song has a great acid sounding bassline to open. The kick gives momentum with great background sounds also. The song evolves really well.
Acht B This version has more of an urgent feel and a great synth sound that grows, swirls and is used very effectively to build and resolve tension. Great percussive sounds again and nice use of filters on these sounds to give variation and movement to the feel of the song.
Neun A The song has a great percussive opening, building a solid rhythm through excellent layering. The synth sound again has great tonal variations and provides a nice edge to the song at times.
Neun B This version has more of an acid sounding bassline against a kick to open and explores this theme really well.
Zehn A This song has a great driving rhythm, the synth sound creates and resolves tension really well evolving a solid groove.
Zehn B This version has a different feel but explores similar ideas. There is quite a sparse feel to the opening but again evolves a great sound and feel.