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Review of Dub Time album by Tender H on Cold Tear Records

Cold Tear Records is a Lithuanian label that specialises in dub techno, deep techno and ambient music. They currently have 105 releases on their Bandcamp page and tend to release an album a month.

Dub Time was released in September 2017 and is an excellent album, it hits a sweet spot by creating ambient soundscapes that are accompanied by a dub vibe. There’s great use of delay effects and some excellent synth sounds too.

Dubby Time
Opens with a wind / rain type of sound, a chilled ambient groove with evolving synth, stab chords, excellent delay effects and sparse percussion. The percussion takes on a more defined feel and the kick gives a real momentum. Processed vocal elements add a great element.

Opens with a similar wind / rain effect and slow evolving synth, sparse percussion and delayed effects. Drumming patterns give a more defined momentum. An excellent groove from the bass and Stab type chords.

Sun and Shadow
Ambient, evolving opening with swirling synth sounds and rain / wind effect. Subtle delayed background sounds create an excellent atmosphere. Kick enters to give a solid momentum accompanied by percussion and some great sound effects.

An evolving opening with subtle chords, wind / rain effect and background bird sounds. Excellent ambience from delayed sound effects. Percussion and kick give a more defined momentum.