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Pitch Black Heart

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Pitch Black Heart features 7 tracks from 7 different artists and is available from Amazon and as a ‘virtual vinyl’ release by Factory Fast Records out of NYC.
Pitch Black Heart is a great compilation showcasing a range of talent and diverse styles from synthpop to jazz influenced pop grooves to uptempo psych. Each of the featured artists not only have a great sound but also a uniqueness which shines through on this release. They are all definitely ones to watch.

The Angeles Project – Your Name in Lights This is a great opening song, it has a great synth pop sound with some great 80’s retro sounding elements but also great guitar riffs which gives the song a modern edge. It also has really lush vocals which suit the song perfectly.

The Spase – Shooting Star This song has a great opening riff which gives a real momentum to the song. Again there are great vocals which also give a sense of urgency and build tension through the verses really well. Great production on this song.

Carroll’s Sword – December Heart This is an acoustic guitar track with vocals. As such it’s stripped back but that’s what makes it works really well. There is a really good tension created from the combination of vocals and guitar playing.

Halle Day – Getup This song has a great groove, a really smooth vibe complimented by lush vocals which also create a really nice tension at times. The style sits somewhere between jazz, soul, lounge and trip hop.

The Hotelles – Honestly Denise There is a great opening to this song which has a really cool indie sound – a tight rhythm with really good guitar vamp.

Peculiar Disco Moves – Lost for Words The band have a great sound which is really hard to define. For me that’s usually a good thing. The song has great vocals, really good piano and guitar playing and a kind of call and response feel at times.

The Everglows – Sugary Sun This is a high tempo song with great energy ans a great sound. Tight rhythm propels the song along with edgy vocals and edgy guitar playing too.