Review of Lunar Twin – 'Champagne (Remixes)' on Emerald and Doreen Recordings

Lunar Twin - Champagne (Remixes)
Dream-wave band Lunar Twin presents their new EP on German boutique label Emerald and Doreen Recordings. It features two tracks from their debut Lunar Twin EP.
What’s so impressive about this release is that the 8 Champagne remixes all started from the same song but the diversity of sounds and styles produced as a result is truely extensive. There’s styles from cinematic, synthpop, percussive rhythms and chillstep. Each of the remixes has great sounds and production, they have each been crafted really well and some effects like delay and reverb are expertly used and there are some more extreme effects too.
I was listening whilst travelling on a train across some beautiful Yorkshire countryside. It’s testament to the quality and depth of the music on this release that I got totally lost in each of the remixes, it truly is an outstanding release.
Champagne (Grand Cru Edit) There’s a touch of the cinematic to this remix, it has a great laid back chillstep type of vibe which suits the vocals really well. The piano is subtle but used to great effect.
Champagne (Woolfy Remix) There are some great sound effects to open, the song has a more defined 4:4 rhythm with a great acid-type bassline. I really like the contrast between the well-layered sounds and vocals. There are nice changes in feel too, a great house sound to the piano chords and a nice touch ending the song with sound effects.
Champagne (Haioka Remix) A great riff and delayed pitched vocals in the background, there is great use of reverb and delay on the vocals. This remix has a bit more sparse production and a great vibe. There’s really good use of processed sounds and the song has an edge of sadness to it.
Champagne (Ummagma Remix) There’s a great chilled vibe to this remix from some excellent pad sounds. The remix has great layering and quite a sparse production which is done extremely well to create an excellent soundscape.
Champagne (Romin Remix) This has a kind of trance feel to the open from synth and reversed synth sounds. Percussion is sparse and has more of a future garage type of sound. Excellent production, the song is really well layered with a great bassline and quite sparse use of sounds. There’s a great change of feel with a distorted lead line and great background sounds.
Champagne (Statickman Remix) This song has a synthpop style, great riff and drums to open which are really well layered against the piano and vocals. There’s a great synth sounds which adds a really nice element to the song. The piano is processed excellently at times too.
Champagne (Mushrooms Project Remix) Great percussive opening to give a kind of tribal feel and great background sound effects too. The vocals are processed really well and used quite sparsely. Another great vibe, there’s really nice use of an acid-type bassline too which creates a great groove. The vocals have a real ethereal feel to them. The layering gradually reduces to end the song with a percussive rhythm fading out.
Champagne (Go Satta Remix) There’s great use of background sounds with delay and the pitched / harmonised vocals add a great effect. The drums give a really good momentum and the guitar lead lines are excellent too. it has quite an edgy feel at times which works really well.
Metroplex (Berlin Edit) This song has a synthpop feel, the arp type sound contrasts really well with the drum pattern. There’s a nice change in feel and use of background sounds and there are some excellent synth sounds too.
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