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Review of ‘Going, Going…’ LP by The Wedding Present on Scopitones and HHBTM Records

The Wedding Present don’t need much of an introduction, formed in 1985 they are one of the UK’s most longstanding and much-loved indie bands with eighteen UK Top 40 hit singles to their name. Going, Going… is the title of the widely anticipated ninth studio album which tells the story of a road trip across the USA, revealed across a collection of twenty ‘linked’ songs, each with an accompanying short film.

More accurately, the album is an accumulation of thoughts collected during a road trip over the course of 20 songs, each with its own accompanying short film. The music is literally cinematic, in many cases written while looking at photographs & film recorded during the journey. It is their first double album and due to it’s nature it’s not a conventional release.

The UK release is on Scopitones and is available as a standard CD+DVD, a deluxe CD+DVD with 8 bonus tracks and a double LP + DVD (comes in heavyweight vinyl and also includes the album on CD. Also contained in this format is a 7” single with four acoustic versions of songs from the album plus the DVD and lyrics).

The North American release is on HHBTM Records and is available as a double LP.

The Wedding Present have a great sound on this album, somewhere between post punk, shoegaze and indie rock. What I really like is how they change moods and feeling with changes in tempo and from jangly to distorted sound which often creates tension or anticipation. The vocals are superb with excellent harmonies and the drumming and bass is solid providing excellent momentum. You can really relate to the lyrics too, there’s an openness, an honesty about them – it’s excellent songwriting.

The production is brilliant, arrangements are simple and by that I mean not over complicated but each element has its place and has space to evolve.

A great atmospheric opening to this track which creates an edge of tension. I really like the evolution of the bass, piano, guitar and organ which takes a darker turn with the introduction of distortion. There’s a great build and release through the song.

Great natural drumming to open with a voice reading out coordinates. A background drone slowly evolves providing a great contrast.

Beautiful vocal ‘ahhs’ to open, the drumming and bass enter to give momentum accompanied by an almost harp like acoustic guitar riff and lovely vocal harmonies. The slightly distorted electric guitar riff adds a great element.


Opening with a piano riff with great momentum, the strings compliment really well.

Two Bridges
A distorted riff to open, great uptempo drumming and bass give momentum. I really like the variation between the open guitar sound and more of a chord vamp feel. There’s a great release of tension which builds slowly to a shoegaze feel at the end.

Little Silver
Great riff and drumming to open, the vocals are excellent. Quite a sad feel with the vocals, the distorted riff adds a great edge of angst and there’s a nice solo to end.


The song opens with feedback leading into a really distorted riff, a great release to an acoustic riff and vocals with a great edge of angst. The distorted guitar provides a great contrast. Some lovely harmonies too.

A really uptempo feel to this song, great call and response feel between the distorted and more jangly parts.

Great drumming to open with excellent momentum from bass and guitar riff. There’s a great interplay between anticipation and tension with distorted and jangly riffs and changes in feel.

Kill Devil Hills
Great riff and vocals to open, drumming is uptempo giving great momentum. A really uptempo vibe to this song with nice build and release of tension.

Distorted riff to open, the song has a brooding quality propelled by bass and drumming. Some great vocal harmonies.

Choppy distorted riff creates a great tension released to a jangly riff. Great use of distortion and change of tempo through the song. Excellent vocals and harmonies again.

Edgy sounding riff to open released to a jangly riff and solid momentum from drumming and bass. Great build and release of tension again.

Unearthly sounding vocals to open, a slow brooding song with great drumming, bass and acoustic riff. The vocals are excellent again. There’s a sinister feel at times. Excellent change of feel to more uptempo distorted sound to end.

Broken Bow
Distorted riff to open, a great momentum from solid drumming and bass. Great vocals with lovely harmonies again. Excellent contrast between distorted and acoustic jangly riffs.

There’s a great groove to this song with excellent distorted riffing and contrasting jangly riff. Vocals have a great edge of angst and strings add a great element.

Ten Sleep
I really like the bright sounding riff to open leading into a more distorted sound. There’s a great uptempo feel to this song, excellent vocals again and a great contrast in sound building tension to end.

Spoken Welsh language with jangly acoustic riff and subtle emerging drone, it’s a floaty opening with really nice change in feel to a distorted riff, drumming and bass with a great uptempo feel.


An excellent opening subdued riff leading into an acoustic riff with bass and great drumming. There’s a great change in feel with the use of distortion and more uptempo strummed chords. Excellent vocals again.

Santa Monica
A slowly evolving opening with acoustic jangly riff and great drumming which creates an excellent atmosphere. The vocals are excellent again and there’s a great change in feel to a more distorted sound.

The 8 bonus tracks on the deluxe version are an assortment of acoustic and live versions which are a great compliment to the originals – Bells (piano version); Broken Bow (acoustic version); Rachel (acoustic version); Little Silver (Piano quintet version); Ten Sleep (Live in session for Lucid); Broken Bow (Live in session for Lucid); Two Bridges (Live in Gijon) and Birdsnest (Live in Paris).

The Wedding Present are also excited to announce a 13-date tour of North America, where they will be supported by fabulous indie pop star Colleen Green. Live dates are as follows:

April 2017
14 : Washington, DC – Rock And Roll Hotel
15 : Brooklyn, NY – Bell House
16 : Boston, MA – Great Scott
17 : Montreal, QC – Bar Le Ritz PDB
19 : Toronto, ON – Horseshoe Tavern
20 : Cleveland, OH – Grog Shop
21 : Chicago, IL – Lincoln Hall
22 : Minneapolis, MN – Turf Club
25 : Seattle, WA – Crocodile
26 : Vancouver, BC – Biltmore Cabaret
28 : San Francisco, CA – Independent
29 : Los Angeles, CA – Echo
30 : San Diego, CA – Casbah

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