Wired to Follow – Short Code EP review

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Short Code is a great 3 track EP. There is a great vibe through the three tracks, maintaining an ambient sound with some great piano lines but also weavimg other elements into the sound which grab and hold your attention.

Factory Reset
This song has a haunting kind of drone opening leading to some really nice electric piano type sound playing which works really well against the drone which evolves into a brighter type of sound as the piano fades into the background.
Come Back in One Piece
This song has a similar sort of feel, an evolving done with an emerging lead sound which remains more in the background. The song has an almost dreamlike quality.
Ephemeres opens with lovely piano playing and has really nice subtle background elements, using reverse sounds rather than a drone which allows the piano to be the focus of the song. It has a really positive vibe.

Wired to Follow say Short Code is about progression through optimism. That’s a very good description. It has a cinematic soundscape quality, using layering to very good effect. The production is also really good, allowing different elements space to evolve.

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