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Review of ‘2017 Summer Jam Samper’ album by Various Artists on Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records

It may feel a long time since it was Summer, but Spring is just around the corner and to be honest, why limit yourself to Summer? Anytime is an ideal time to listen to this album. It has an excellent vibe with a superb range of song styles from mellow psych, ambiences, smooth jazz to more uptempo grooves.

It’s an excellent introduction to artists from Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records, the album has a great range of guitar riffs, leads and solos; floaty, ethereal vocals and some more unusual instruments. There’s often a natural, organic feel to the songs.

Heaters – Séance
An uptempo opening from drumming, bass and guitar riff and lead, vocals have a great floaty / ethereal feel. The edge of distortion is a great contrast with the cleaner sounding riff. Nice change of feel too.

Joel Gion – Divide
Acoustic riff to open leads into a smooth jazz vibe with natural percussion and mellow vocals with great harmonies. The woodwind instrument (clarinet I think?) adds a great element.

Ancient Ocean – Titan’s Island
Evolving string type sound to open a bit like a harmonium which is layered really well. Lap steel guitar adds a great element. There’s an ambience with just an edge of tension.

The Myrrors – Somos La Resistancia
There’s an edgy feel to the opening from bass and a staccato riff added to further by the vocals. There’s an eastern vibe to the song.

Prince Rupert’s Drops – Rosy Red
Uptempo riff and drumming to open, a great momentum from solid drumming and bass. Excellent guitar riffing and solos.

Sam Kogon – Chunga and the Mookah’s
An uptempo feel to the song with great vocal harmonies which have a kind of call and response feel against the riff.

Chocolat – Golden Age
An excellent uptempo opening from riffing and drumming, there’s a drone which sounds like it keeps getting higher in pitch. This tension releases to sax and vocals with a great floaty feel.

Kikagaku Moyo – Streets of Calcutta
Distorted bass to open leads into drumming, bass and riff. The song has a fantastic vibe, subtle changes in pace and feel.

Elkhorn – Seed
Acoustic picked chords and riff opening with an uptempo feel. Slightly distorted guitar lead adds a great element, there’s an edge of tension, a lonesome feel at times.

Sundays and Cybele – What’s the Name of That Flower
Strummed guitar, guitar riff and piano creates a very mellow opening propelled by bass and drumming. Quite a chilled vibe, vocals have a floaty feel. Nice change of feel with the more distorted guitar solo.

New Electric Ride – Submarine Song
Excellent vibe to this song, superb vocals with great harmonies and a great interplay between piano and synth riffs. The drums and bass give a solid groove.

Dire Wolves – Fogged Out 1
Great ambience to the opening from drone and strings, a kind of celtic feel. I really like the wah effect on the guitar which adds a great element, drumming enters to give a more defined momentum whilst retaining the ambience which is really enhanced by the vocals. There’s a great edge of tension at times too.

The Entrance Band – Fine Flow
Drumming and distorted riff to open, the distorted guitar lead has great delay and wah. Vocals are laid back feel and there’s an excellent jam quality at times Nice changes of feel through the song too.

Drakkar Nowhere – Salutation to the Sun
A chaotic, jam like quality to the opening of this song leading into an uptempo psych sound with great vocal harmonies and quite intense drumming. This leads into more of a synthpop sound with a great change of feel slowly building to a final release.