Review of 'Friends / Flowers' single by Tape Runs Out on Ear to Ear Records

Tape Runs Out
Tape Runs Out are a band from Cambridge, UK which started out as a solo project of Liam Goodrum-Bell. Friends / Flowers is their first official release, a double A single released on Ear to Ear records.
And it’s a brilliant debut release, Tape Runs Out have a great sound that’s really hard to define – it’s indie, shoegaze, dreamy and ethereal at times with really tight arrangements and excellent vocals and harmonies.

Friends The video for the song is embedded above. The song opens with a great emerging synth sound with a really nice riff, synth backing and great background vocals and is then propelled by great bass and drumming. The vocals have a great laid back style and there are some excellent harmonies too. I really like the way the song has a great laid back vibe but also maintains a great momentum.
Flowers Great opening to the song, excellent background sound effects which are complemented really well by the rhodes sound and subtle guitar riff. The drumming and bass creates another excellent laid back groove and the vocals add a great dreamy quality. The riff adds a nice layer of contrast and momentum. There are some really nice harmonies again.
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