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Review of 'Marsangst' EP by Hologram Teen on Happy Robot Records

Hologram Teen is the solo electronic music project of Morgane Lhote, whose music can be described as ‘motorik disco’. This project was born in 2012 after a lengthy and colourful career in numerous other bands, including seminal band Stereolab. This is a follow up release to the Post Apocalypteacakes / Tracksuit Minotaur single which I’ve previously reviewed here.
This is a great EP, all of the songs have an upbeat vibe to them with great arps, synth sounds and layered background sounds. It’s quite had to describe the style of the EP, there’s elements of synthpop, hip hop and rave at times which gives Hologram Teen an excellent sound.
The Marsangst EP was released by Happy Robot Records on 5th August 2016 on all major digital stores and streaming services. There is also a limited edition 300 press 7″ single comprising Marsangst and Hex These Rules distributed by Cargo Records which is available from Happy Robot Records.
Great arp to open, drumming pattern and bass give a great momentum. There’s some excellent layered background sounds and a great change of feel when the vocals enter. They’re processed and layered really well. I like how there’s a central theme with subtle changes of feel returning back to the central groove.
Hex These Rules
Another great arp to open with a kick and syncopated hat rhythm, there’s a great synth lead sound and the bass has a great groove too. I really like the vocal processing and the incorporation of the spoken clip. The song has a rave feel at times which provides a nice contrast.
Scratches en Serie
A great opening riff with sparse percussive rhythm, the drumming pattern creates an excellent groove and the bassline compliments this really well. This song also has excellent prccessing of the vocal parts. The synth adds a great element and there’s some excellent background sound effects too.
Franmaster Glass
Great opening bassline which weaves around the drumming pattern and has an edge of tension. The synth arp builds on this with great acid qualities at times. There’s a great variety of synth sounds each of which adds a different element and also a hint of tension at times.
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