Review of Old Mountain by Good Good Blood on Fox Food Records

There’s a great vibe to this album, it’s an indie sound with a solid nostalgic feel with hints of folk and psychedelia. The arrangements are excellent giving space for each element. Old Mountain is a dreamy, floaty feeling album edged with a sadness. 

Old Mountain

An acapella track with great harmonies, it has a nostalgic type of feel and sets the scene for the album.

Bury Heads

Acoustic guitar chords to open, it has a warm, nostalgic feel with great vocal harmonies. It has a laid back feel with a subtle change in pace with the introduction of drumming and bass. 

Cannot Be Forever Yours

Tremelo strings to open, the snare adds a tension with a sparse piano melody. The octave bass adds momentum. The vocals have a dreamy type of quality with an edge of sadness. 

Seven Seconds

Psychedelic sounding guitar riff to open, picked riff adds a momentum. Vocals have a dreamy, ethereal quality. It’s a beautiful song. 

Glass Sky

Drum pattern to open with emerging synth / sound effects, female vocals this time with a similar dreamy, ethereal quality.