Review of Summer Rain LP by LDCN

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Summer Rain has a great chilled vibe, LDCN has created great soundscapes in these songs and very cleverly retained certain elements through the album. All of the songs are very well arranged and produced and the rhythms and percussive sounds often have a glitch feel which works really well against the smoother synth sounds.
Dawn This song has great layering of sounds and a really nice glitch feel to the rhythm. It also has a great opening sample.
Morning has a great opening vibe and a great combination of vinyl sounds and bird noises. The rhythm is quite sparse and the vocals really effective. The song has quite a subtle glitch feel.
Spaced Out retains certain elements from Morning but has a different feel.
Hazy has great layering with a really nice pad sound and effects. The song has a really good variation in rhythm.
Alone again there are certain elements from the previous song that are retained. The song creates a great soundscape with layered elements and more of a defined ryhthm.
As the Days Go By has more of an uptempo feel, I really like the sax and jazz feel. The piano creates a good contrast and there is great layering, the song is really well produced.
Memories This song has a great opening, I really like the electric piano sound and it has a great percussive rhythm.
Outside The intro to this song is like the opening of a door and then stepping outside. It has great layering of recorded sounds with a really smooth synth sound. The song creates another great soundscape and it’s almost like two songs in one, there’s an ‘encore’ comprised of a really nice synth piece to round out the album.

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