Review of The Cable Street Collective – The Best of Times EP

Cable Street Collective

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Formed in 2012 at the same London open mic night that produced Denai Moore, Cable Street Collective combine catchy tunes with dance-inspired beats to create music that mixes African influences (two of the group grew up in Swaziland and Malawi) with UK funky house and a whole host of other sounds from in and around their home bases in East London and Brixton.
And there is an excellent vibe to this EP, Cable Street Collective create a great sound that’s quite hard to define having some great African influences, solid grooves and great playing and vocals. The songs have a real upbeat feel despite the fact the lyrics tell stories that don’t appear to have much hope, kind of like making the best of a bad situation.
The EP is available now on itunes, Spotify and as a physical release. Can’t Take Me Under will be released as a single on 16th February.
Intro The intro song is a great idea comprising of the tuning in of a radio into the next song which cleverly is their own.
Wasted Hours A live version of the song is embedded above. There is a great groove that opens the song, the vocals are great and tell the story really well. There are some great harmonies and the song has a really upbeat feel even though the situation doesn’t seem to have much hope. The song has a great bass line too.
He’s on Fire This song has a really uptempo opening riff, the vocals have a great energy and the song has great momentum with a nice build and release of tension.
Yin and Prang There is a great reggae vibe to the opening riff, solid bassline and great combination of male and female vocals. The bassline gives a great vibe to the song which is also accompanied by some great percussion and a guitar solo too.
Interlude (Feel it Fall) This is quite a short song but even so it has a great groove, solid drumming and great bassline.
Can’t Take Me Under This song continues with the same sort of groove. It has great vocals with really good harmonies and a really nice touch having a blues harp to finish.
Two Cities Again this song has a great vibe, there is some great guitar playing and great vocals. The song has a kind of urgency to the rhythm against the more laid back vocals. Great changes in feel / tension too.

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