Review of 'Until the End' album by L.D.C.N


This album really hits the sweet spot that lies somewhere between chillstep, trip hop and liquid dubstep. There’s a great vibe to the album, a great ambient feel at times but with the blending and morphing of a diverse range of styles from jazz to chillstep and liquid dubstep at times which creates a great contrast. There’s a real subtle edge of breakbeat / glitch at times too. It has that undefinable quality that has you struggling to find words to describe it and the best thing to do is listen because it’s one of those albums that the more you listen to it, the more you hear.
It’s brilliantly crafted, with excellent sounds which are layered really well, great percussion sounds too and really good production.
This song has a great drone and piano to open with, the drone fades to leave a real contemplative feel with the piano contrasting against the background sounds. There’s some subtle reverse sounds, the production is really good too.
A great opening with processed vocals, there are really good harmonies and a nice contrast with the slowed down vocals. The drums give a great momentum, there are really well layered sounds. It has quite a chilled vibe and there are great vocals to end with.
Caught in the Rain
There’s a great atmospheric opening with excellent background sounds and really good string sounds too. The ambience contrasts really well with the dubstep type of drum beat which weaves in and out of the song.
Phone Call
I really like the way this gives the impression it was recorded getting into a car, lighting a cigarette, putting some music on and driving off then pulling over to make a phone call which really annoyingly isn’t answered. But maybe that’s the point.
Midnight with You
Another great atmospheric opening, great layering of sounds and the vocals are processed excellently for the style of song. Drums / percussion are quite sparse but work really well.
Highway Lights
Another great ambient opening with strings and some great layered background sounds. The song maintains a great flow throughout and is my favourite on the album.
Brilliant soundscape with excellent layering again. I really like the processing of the vocal snippets. The song has a great ambience that kind of washes over you yet the drums / percussion give a good momentum too. Great quote at the end of the song.
Great piano playing to open with a broken kick beat and sparse percussive sounds which fades to be replaced by a more defined groove with great drum sounds which have a real acoustic feel with great layering of other percussion sounds too. The song has a sparse feel and a nice edge from some of the off beat elements. It’s not breakbeat or glitch as such but has subtle use of this sort of feel.
Past Tense
There’s an edgy synth sound to open against background sound effects. Drums / percussion give a really good momentum. There’s a really nice edge of tension to this song too, especially with the reversed sounds.
Summer 2002
Great use of field recorded sounds against a really nice jazz piano riff. The percussion has a 2 step feel which creates a great contrast. There are some really good layered background sounds and a nice edge of tension and great change in feel.
Looking Back
Really sparse metallic violin type of sound to open, gives a great edge of tension. Contrasts really well with the more upfront drums and percussion. The string sound loses the metallic qualities and spoken vocal parts add a great element to the song.
Until the End
Great piano to open, again with a field recording in the background. Really sparse production and also quotes from film or TV (I think) which sits low in the mix. Great production, layering is excellent and creates a great edge of tension.
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