Review of 'God of War' compilation on Factory Fast Records

God of War compilation

There’s a great range of songs on this compilation, solid rock sounds with hints of blues, jazz, even rock and roll at times. Both the playing and vocals are excellent, there’s a great vibe to the album and just a touch of angst to add a great edge of tension.
Genuine Crude – Walkabout A great synth sound and drumming to open with a nice distorted lead riff and harmonies. Riffing creates a great brooding quality and the sound really opens up in the chorus. A great rock sound with a laid back vibe and a hint of lonesome.
Love Child – I’d Go Crazy Great drumming and organ to open with a great bluesy riff. Vocals are great, a really good blues rock feel with nice change in momentum in the chorus. There’s a positive vibe with a touch of angst in the vocals and a great solo too.
The Blue Project – God of War Great driving riff and bass to open propelled by solid drumming. The brass parts give a great sound, kind of jazz blues rock. The song has great vocals, really soulful. There’s really good riffing and solos with a great singalong quality to the chorus.
Leo and the Tolstoys – Monsters (trip – goth version) Great flange / phaser sound to open with and strummed open chord and nice solo. Drumming gives a great vibe and the vocals are excellent. There’s a great sound between rock, surf and western interspersed with a great heavy riff. The song has a great simmering tension.
Queen Bitch – Wild Heart There’s a brilliant vibe to this song, great piano and distorted riff to open leading into a rock and roll feel. The song has great riffing propelled by solid drumming and excellent vocals which give a great momentum. Really nice changes in feel too, a great expansive sound in the chorus and great solo too.
Ryan Young – Bobby Boy Great uptempo, slightly distorted acoustic guitar riff is joined by bass and sparse but really effective percussion. Great vocals, they create a really nice edge of tension at times. The song has a great momentum and really good solo too. A great sound somewhere between blues and western, has a great lonesome feel at times.
Matt Davis – Flash This song has a great acoustic riff to open accompanied by excellent vocals and slide / steel guitar which creates a great vibe with a really nice edge of tension. The song has a really good arrangement with a nice solo to end.
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