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Review of Minami Deutsch S/T Album on Cardinal Fuzz and Captcha Records

Emerging from the vibrant Japanese psych explosion that has recently birthed Kikagaku Moyo (with whom they share a house) and Sundays & Cybele, Minami Deutsch formed in 2014 and quickly went to work on this their debut album.
It has been released by Cardinal Fuzz as a limited 500 pressing on Weissensee white vinyl and has unfortunately sold out. It is still available on Weissensee white vinyl from Captcha Records in the USA, however they do not ship to the UK.
A bit of digging has also found that it’s available from Guruguru Brain, Japan as a limited edition cassette or digital download from their bandcamp page.
This is an excellent album, I really like the looping, hypnotic feel to some of the songs. There’s an excellent range of riffing too from acoustic to distorted and quite subtle at times too. The drumming and bass is really tight knit providing a solid foundation and great momentum.
Side A
Vocalism Ali – Forever Takemitsu
Delayed synth stab chords to open, drumming and bass give a great momentum with vocalised breaths adding to the rhythm. This contrasts against the more freeform synth and effects and gives the song a real jam quality. The vocalised ‘ai’ sounds are really well layered too. The emerging feedback laden guitar riff is subtle and adds a great element to the song.
Futsu Ni Ikirenai
This song has an excellent groove to open with bassline and drumming. Vocals have a great presence with excellent use of delay and reverb. There’s a quite subtle riff too. The song has a looping groove feel, it’s quite hypnotic until the fuzzed out solo grabs your attention and focus before disappearing leaving the looping groove to round out the song.
Terra Recipe
An atmospheric synth with momentum provided by great drumming and subtle distorted guitar riff is a great opening to the song. The trem synth riff adds a great element leading into a guitar lead line. The song has excellent hypnotic qualities and I really like the solo which rounds out the song.
Side B
Ubergleich part I
A really good riff propelled by bass and drumming opens the song, the background sounds work really well. The guitar solo is excellent, I really like the use of delay. Again the song has a great jam quality and a great momentum provided by the bass. There’s also a great slow build of tension to a final release.
Sunrise, Sunset
A great acoustic opening riff propelled by solid drumming and bass, the song has a looping, hypnotic feel and a great groove. The lead guitar has great tone and an excellent jam feel.
Ubergleich part II
A great opening groove from bass and drumming with really great sounding trem guitar chords. The vocals are really smooth and laid back suiting the style of the song really well. The song has a looping quality, background sounds add a great element to the song.
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